7 thoughts on “Hirschy Ranch, Big Hole Valley, MT 278, 45 mm

  1. It’s nice seeing someone doing story’s and pictures about Montana. I was first introduced to The Big Hole Ranch where a Plumber Gang member had been hung in 1864. I think I was 3 or 4 then. My family history is also touched by Fort Missoula with old Engine Number 7. My Grandmothers brother was one of the Engineers of that Train and my Great Grandmother was the Cook in the Cook Car. Thanks for caring about Montana by taking your time in making this Web Site.

  2. Is this The Valley of the 10,000 hay stacks? My fella rode in this area on the chief Joseph ride about 40 years ago and it left a lasting impression on his memory.

  3. we got there last August!! did see some of the old style hay stacks and left a few old photos with the post office lady from the ranch when Bob was there decades ago

    • There’s a Museum in Missoula that that like old pictures of Montana. I’d like to do a video of the Plumber Gang Hanging Locations. I didn’t have the pictures I wanted to turn in witch were pictures of my Grandma at the Fish Trap school around 1917. The thing that ties her in with the Missoula museum is her brother was the Engineer of the old train at the Museum.

  4. Sounds fascinating to have a history to go back that far. We only know it from the 1960’s from a brief vacation. It is beautiful country! I think I will have to make a point of going back again sometime.

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