The Hi-Line’s Blaine County Fairgrounds, Chinook

Another century-old fair is the Blaine County Fair, held in Chinook.  A quick google search tells us that a county fair took place in Chinook in 1914; the following year fair organizers announced that they hoped to have a large poultry exhibit.  The fairgrounds are visible south of both the Great Northern Railroad tracks and U.S. Highway 2.  Image

The primary entrance, however, is a few blocks off of the Hi-Line as the Bear’s Paws highway skirts the town’s western edge.


Chinook has over 1200 residents, and the fair today is a large four-day event, attracting thousands.  The fairgrounds largely retains its mid-20th century appearance, and its unadorned white-painted buildings speak strongly to the practicality and functionalism of rural landscapes.



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