Roundup’s Musselshell County Fairgrounds

Located east of the town and nestled between the old route of the Milwaukee Road and the craggy bluffs of Musselshell River is one of the prettiest and oldest locations of a county fairgrounds in Montana.

ImageCrossing of Musselshell River before you arrive at the fairgrounds in Roundup

The Roundup Record-Tribune and Winnett Times of December 10, 1915 proudly proclaimed the value of the fairgrounds to the new county:  the “natural beauty of the site will be an asset to the county for all time,” although the paper’s editor admitted that “considerable work was called for in transforming the grounds from their crude natural state into a grounds adapted for fair purposes.”  Ray E. Bushnell, the county surveyor, was credited with designing the fairgrounds and producing the overall plan for the site’s development.



During the New Deal, the Works Progress Administration in 1936 undertook a major rebuilding of the fairgrounds and its buildings, given the site largely its appearance of today, until, of course, the impact of the terrible flooding of 2012.  High water inundated the grounds but the county quickly rebuilt and as the images below attest–taken in May 2013–the fairgrounds still retains its historic look, feel, and general vibe.  You also can check out the fair’s Facebook page and keep up with all of the events and developments.


Livestock barns


The grandstands, well situated into the bluffs of the river




3 thoughts on “Roundup’s Musselshell County Fairgrounds

  1. And they are totally rocking the Quonset Hut! I’m a little obsessed with Quonsets. I love that just as many folks in the West repurposed surplussed WWII Quonsets as agricultural outbuildings, that this fairgrounds is doing the same.

      • I say that they just don’t know what they are missing out on then. Okay, I get that they are a nightmare for maintaining a consistent temperature, but they are so freaking awesome! And there are ways to deal with the temperature issues.

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